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Issachar anointing!

To be anointed is to be empowered and enabled to do that which God is commanding us to do.  The anointing of Issachar has a twofold outworking, firstly, to know the time you are in and secondly to know what to do.  See 1 Chron 12:32

“In any moment of decision, the best thing to do is the right thing.  The next best thing is the wrong thing but the worst thing you can do is nothing at all.”  Theodore Roosevelt

The Father does not what us to be in the dark and so he has promised to switch the light on so we can see the time and our much-needed action.

The entrance of His word brings light. Ps 119:130  He has also promised that He will flood the eyes of our heart with light.  See Eph 1:18  (enlightened means to flood with light).

So, as I open His word now, I pray and come into agreement with you, that the Holy Spirit will give you the anointing of Issachar, so you’ll see what time it is and what actions are needed.

In the New Testament, there are three different words for time and each one is describing a different phase of the same process.  The three words are Chronos, Kairos & Pleroo.  Let’s look at the keyword and core dynamic of each, how they related to each other and what actions, lead us from one phase to the next?

Chronos – general or everyday time.  What I call tick tock time!  The clock just keeps ticking and tocking, like an old grandfather clock in the hallway of life, as we come in and go out!   Scripture reveals three core dynamics, attitudes of life, that need to be developed in Chronos time: perseverance, faithfulness and thanksgiving.  See Roms 5:3-5 & James 1:2-8

“Let us not become weary of doing good, for at the proper time (kairos) we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Gal 6:9

An illustration from the life of the bee will give us insight into proper (kairos) time.

In the first stage of its life, the bee is placed in a hexagonal cell, given sufficient honey and then the cell and bee are sealed over with wax. Stage two happens when the bee runs out of honey, it discerns it is time (kairos) to start stage three.   Stage three is all about pushing through the wax.  So, it begins to make a hole just big enough to push through.  This stage and the effort requires becomes very wearing to the bee.  Yet, it this effort and pressure that removes a thin membrane, that’s covering its wings.   It then flies, soars and begins to receive and release life-giving material.

Kairos means opportune or strategic time and always involves pushing against pressure.  It does not feel like an opportune time for the bee, and for us too because the pressure and effort can make us weary.  Yet, the consistent effort the bee makes in ‘wax time’ and we make in Kairos time, contains the designer’s strategy which will enable and empower us to fly, soar and receive and release life-giving material.

The third and final word for time is pleroo and refers to something being completed or finished.  So, in Gal 4:4 we read –

“but when the time (pleroo) had fully come, God set His Son….”

I refer to pleroo time as holding and showing the baby off time!

I am an Abu el Banat which is a Bedouin saying & the title of an episode from the West Wing.  It means father of daughters!

I was there when each one was conceived and born.   I share this because I don’t know of a more precise illustration for all the three words for time and the process it leads to, than having a baby

Conception and gestation happen in tick-tock time.  When the news comes that a baby is on its way, there are actions around nutrition and check-ups that are key.  Then comes Kairos time – labour. It’s time to push!

I can remember with our first daughter, Dawn was enormous and feeling very uncomfortable and so we walked over the river for a drink at the pub.  Dawn got her soft drink, I had a pint of Guinness that was settling when suddenly Dawn said – “my waters have broken.”  I have never drunk a pint of Guinness so fast and off we went to the hospital where, 24 hours later, Heidi was born.

Chronos became Kairos and I can well remember the pain and difficulty that Dawn went through and the potential danger there was, to her and Heidi!

All of this was forgotten, for a while at least, as Dawn held Heidi!

‘Spiritual babies,’ the gifts and new arrivals Father puts inside all His sons and daughters, all have to come through this threefold process.  So, the crucial question is –

What time are you in?

  • Is it time to get pregnant? (the historical meaning of intercourse, describes two minds connecting!) Father has something in His mind that He’d like to see running around in His world.  Is it time to take His idea and give it life and legs
  • Maybe you’ve been carrying and feeding His idea for a while now.  Keep persevering, remain faithful and step up the thanksgiving because, these attitudes and disciplines, will lead you to Kairos time! (labour time.)  Read Ish 66:9)
  • If your circumstances are difficult, uncomfortably painful and there’s been an increase in fear, then you are definitely in Kairos time.  Get ready to push!
  • If you’re holding the baby congratulations! Now help that new arrival to mature, produce and multiple.

Every Blessing,

Abu el Banat



I am using the acronym CORE to help me and hopefully others understand the design of our masculine hearts and souls. Our physical core needs exercise to help it develop and strengthen so too does our masculine core.


  1. Certainty
  2. Opinions
  3. Resources
  4. Expectations

In the previous post I shared thoughts about certainty as a core muscle, so let’s look at opinions.

Opinions are like arm pits, everyone’s got a set and some stink!

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me, is mostly true.

Mostly, because only words we choose to take to heart can wound and hurt us.   The singer Cher puts it well –

“Words are like weapons, they wound sometime!”

Why are opinions important to the development and maturing of the masculine heart and soul?  In the beginning, this was the core strategy of the enemy’s attack on the masculine soul; he used opinions!

“Did God really say?” “You will not surely die!”

Both of the above are rooted in opinions.  The first is asking the masculine heart and soul for their opinion: did God really say?  The second is Satan’s opinion about the answer Adam gave: You will not surely die!

A simple and timeless strategy of the enemy; getting us to doubt Father’s word by the introduction of another opinion.    We can only be two-souled which is the New Testament meaning of doubt; when we are listening and paying attention to two opinions.

Did God really say?

Is a direct attack on His essence and character and our confidence in His character!  Adam answered in the affirmative and Jesus, the second Adam continued to answer in the affirmative!

You will not surely die.

Is also an attack on the character of the Father which has to do with consequence and conclusion, i.e. what outcomes He’s set in place in response to our actions.

This addition of an opinion is a direct attempt to move us from our consecration to His word, having failed in his attempt at undermining our confidence in His word.  Satan then and now; constantly seeks to undermine our confidence in and our commitment to staying with and remaining in Father’s word.  In His opinions about who we are, whose we are and what we have been given.

Why is that?

The Father’s words, internalised, that is taken to heart, into our core, contain tremendous power and nutrition for our masculine hearts and souls.   As a man thinks in his heart so shall he be and the heart is the source and starting point for all the issue of life. Cf Prov 23:7 & Prov 4:23

Let me say again (see blog on certainty 9/6/) meditation which is focusing on and repeating words, so they enter our heart, is the core muscle developing exercise.

It is the spiritual plank!

The words I hold in my heart are directly setting the boundaries of my life, namely what I will or will not attempt. The primary function of the word of God is to test the thoughts and attitudes of the heart [our opinions about His opinions]  See Hebs 4:12

The classic Biblical eg of a struggling masculine heart & soul receiving God’s opinion and transforming is Gideon!

No one’s opinion of me, not even the Father’s, can become my reality without my co-operation.  Meditation is co-operation and through this discipline my core is developed and strengthen by the opinions I am focusing on.  These eventually flow out of my core in actions which affect the context and reality of my life, for good or bad.

No words are neutral they all flow from someone’s spirit, heart and mind.

The reality I am in and that surrounds me which is my context has within it characters who all have opinions and these can lead to pressurised times.  Yet my context is not the ‘Ultimate Reality.’  The dimension or realm I live and move in is superseded by the reality called the Kingdom of God.

This truth about the dual nature of reality that I hold, has two aspects to it.  I hold these aspects by meditation in my heart and mind which then empowers, develops & matures my masculine soul.

  1. All reality, global and local was spoken into being by my Father

  2. Jesus the Word became flesh and dwelt, as a man, in this lower reality.

All time, space and matter were formed by Father speaking them into being, by His command.  So, what is seen was not made out of what was visible. Heb 1:3    Jesus the Word, was with the Father in the beginning (Jn 1:1) and then entered our time and space reality and walked through it as a man. (Jn 1:14) Jesus’ incarnation is a vital revelation and meditation that daily adds nutrition to my masculine heart and soul because I am not in covenant with a distant deity, rather with the Son of God who also was the Son of man!

Therefore, Jesus’ opinions are the most important to me, for He has experienced both realities and is the only man I know who whilst on earth was tempted in every way but did not cross the line once.   The pressures within my local context and reality He has also faced and defeated!

Opinions matter and some opinions are still affecting our matter, both as a person and in our performance.

There’s a phrase that Jesus often used towards the men He was training and mentoring – “you have heard it said; now I tell you! Matt 5:21-43

Knowingly or unknowing we have internalised someone’s opinion.  Is it time to evaluate these and consider Jesus’ thoughts and opinions about us?

The Word and His words can and will change our matter and our time and space context.  When we receive the Word and believe what the Word has done, we are given power to become.  Become what?  Adopted sons of the Father and given full rights, privileges and responsibilities and the power to accomplish and achieve, all He’s put in us at the desire level.

To a group of men Jesus once said these words – you have no room in your heart for my word! Jn 8:37

I hope and pray there’s space in ours for His?