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“Abilities available when demands are made!”

This is the core dynamic of this blog thought about resources. Merriam Webster and the Cambridge Dictionaries have these entries about resources:

a source of supply or support: an available means —usually used in plural (MW) a usefulor valuable possession or quality of a countryorganization, or person (TCD)

The masculine soul by design, has valuable resources that the Father desires are used to serve and nurture all that He deems beautiful and to use these resources in a sacrificial manner.

The source of these resources are common grace; abilities and resources the Father gave to each masculine heart and soul He created and formed and ‘Covenant Grace’ which He gave and continues to give to all returning and reunited sons!  At the common grace level, we are by nature limited but at a covenant grace level we have access to unlimited love (see Paul’s struggle to describe His love in Eph 3:18&19) and unrivalled or surpassing power (see Eph 1:19)

When demands are made on our masculine heart and soul, we are expected to step up to the plate, if the expectation behind the demand is an appropriate one.  Some expectations made of us as men from those within our world are not appropriate; in fact, they are contrary to design!

An often-heard phrase to men’s’ worlds is this – Why don’t you grow up?!

Many times, this question is legitimate because the male is acting and behaving like a boy, and at this moment in the relationship a man is needed.  However, we are never meant to grow out of our sense of wonder, exploration, adventure and this may come as a surprise, our mischievousness. Why don’t you grow up is sometimes a reaction to these moments and should be resisted!

The buzz word for all these demand making times is responsibility!   Often the definition of a word gives me the dynamic that’s being called for, and responsibility is dynamically about my/our ability to respond. The demand is looking to and calling for much-needed supply.”

“Potential is determined by the demands place about it by its creator.”  Myles Munroe

All designed and manufactured products have inbuilt capacity, max stress levels and gross ladened weights and as a product of the mind and heart of my ‘first Father,’ so do I.   Accepting this truth is the beginning of being able; to be able to respond with our grace given abilities.  The core muscle that needs to be developed, again through meditation, is a core characteristic of the Father’s heart and mind, namely that He is just!

“The justness of Father is a daily plank exercise!”

I have learnt and am daily applying, especially in those ‘demanding make moments,’ to remember His justness and that the Father is making a legitimate demand on the resources and abilities He has given me through both aspects of grace.

This is not unfair but a moment to release and realise my potential!

The other muscle to develop alongside this is discernment which is a much-needed ability because has I said earlier not all demands of us are legitimate, that is, not from Him.

Our resources and abilities as men are very much-needed today and I believe the Father desires to train and develop our masculine hearts and souls accordingly, by reminding us of all we are in Him.  All we’ve been given in Christ, and all we can do motivated by His love and through His surpassing power!

Let’s us get ready in heart and mind for new training opportunities and stay disciplined in our ‘gym time’ of daily meditation on and in His word.



Heat P3 Demands


“Outside I am sitting down but inside I’m standing up!

Words from a son to his mother who through sheer frustration had forced him to sit down.

  • The lad is complying & defiant
  • His mind is in two places
  • His energies are contrary
  • He is not fully given, either way

All of the above are the results of a demand placed upon his life and world.   As men, what are we like when the dynamic called demand is released into our world?  On the whole, most men associate demanding with nagging which feels like a ‘woodpecker on the side of our heads!’  What usually follows is co-operation but reluctantly and with a little resentment thrown in.

Like the lad we are not fully into the demand being made upon us.

In Heat 1&2 we have been presented with the thought of a Father who makes demands of us and the potential and capacity that lie within us, by taking us into demanding environments.

Yet, He does not nag or cajole us; He simply invites us to understand that our potential needs an appropriate demand so it can become a reality.

  • “Potential by definition is what we are capable of but have not yet achieved.”
  • “Appropriate demand is a problem that dovetails with our potential.”

The Father knows how to bring these two P’s together and has done it many times for His sons –

  • Goliath was the problem to David’s potential. See I Sam 17
  • The Midianites were the problem to Gideon’s potential. See Judges 7
  • The gates and walls of Jerusalem were the problem to Nehemiah’s potential. See Nehemiah 1&2

“Potential is determined & revealed by the demands placed upon it by its creator.” #

The truths within these words have helped me understand some key aspects of ‘Demand and the masculine soul!’

  1. Father created me with potential and capacity.
  2. This has been manufactured into my masculinity, personality and passions, my nature
  3. Nature implies limits. Eph 4:11 …it was Him who gave some  to be
  4. Some demands will be against our grain, so stop sawing!
  5. Some demands sync with our grain, so start sawing!
  6. Our first Father knows what demands are legitimate & necessary to mature our masculine soul.
  7. So He’ll never test us or make demands of us, beyond our given ability.  1 Cor 10:13

Ultimately, only the Father knows the fullness of our potential because –

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him” 1 Cor 2:9

  • Father’s demands are appropriate problems sent to extract the potential He’s placed in us.
  • Designed to move us through the levels of life.
  • As well as receiving the legitimate rewards that go with them.  See 1 Sam 17:25

If we are going to ‘enjoy not just endure life,’ then we need to get to grips with having an ‘appropriate non-nagging Father,’ who knows we have what it takes and will gives us the opportunity to achieve and succeed, by taking us into demanding places.

David followed this Father and on the other side of Goliath he received three things us men are hungry for:  recognition, honour and greater influence. See 1 Sam 18:5-7

….and then came another demanding time – success!

# Myles Munroe, Maximise your potential, pg 34