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“There is always a blessing to be had from the word therefore in the Bible. It makes us stop and look back to the preceding cause before we move on to the ensuing effect!”  Moyter on Philippians
Many years ago, a lady named Joan, who’d known God many years said something in conversation about the word therefore.  She said, “every time you come across this word in the Bible ask this question: What’s it there for?”
Therefore, is there to enable and empower us with understanding about what is available by covenant, to all His sons and daughters.  A core dynamic of covenant is agreement between parties.  It’s about T&C’s.
How many times have you had to go back before you can proceed and tick the box that says ” I have read the terms and conditions?”
Therefore is dynamically like this box.  However, we need to take the time and make the effort to read ‘our part of the T&C’s’ that the Holy Spirit is highlighting.  Stop, think and then commit to our part(s).  Then we can take the promise to the bank, expecting the withdrawal, on the transaction we have just made, knowing that our covenant Father is well in debit and we have understood and are meeting the T&C’s.
I love it when I understand the T&C’s, start them and the withdrawal is immediately and literally deposited into my account!
Through my understanding of Jesus’s  words in Mark 11:24  I by faith, believe and receive what I have asked for in prayer. My imagination is where I lock and load on to His promise!  Sometimes, like being in the bank, you have to wait in a queue, whilst you hold your paper work, before you can ‘literally’ handle the transaction you know is yours.
I find that Hebrews 6:12 is of vital importance to this whole process –
“we do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate  those who through faith and patience [endurance] inherit what has been promised.” NIV
Between, I believe and I receive, and there it is, there is always a gap!  Even a nano second is a gap!
Part of the default settings, designed into the masculine heart and soul is to subdue anything that would come against the ‘beauty’ God has released into His world.  Part of the Genesis job description He gave to Adam and Eve. See Gen 1:28    In this verse God blessed (empowered) them before He commanded them –
He gave them capacity that matched the command!
Whatever you are facing today,  there is within the 8000+ promises in His word  –
a ‘sufficiency to meet any deficit,’ we are experiencing.
Therefore,  let’s go to Father’s word, discover the promise(s) that pertain and relate to our contexts, characters and issues, with the mindset that we are heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ.  Discover our part, believe and receive His promise and conceive it within our imagination. Then begin and continue to do all that corresponds to our faith in His desire to meet our need, and
through faith and endurance will shall inherit what has been promised!

Masculine Ker-ching!



Masculine Ker-ching!

Met a bloke this week that wanted to chat and show all of us who were having a coffee, what he had in his carrier bag, and so, out came a King Edwards cigar box.  I thought the box looked cool and then he opened it, and inside were a stack of coins, from various countries. He spoke passionately about his coins and that he was going to the ‘see the guy in the shop’ who will ‘flap like a chicken’, when he sees these!   For two or three minutes he held the table with his passionate conversation and then he was off.

This encounter and experience got me thinking about Ker-Ching, the noise coins make when deposited and a popular cultural phrase men use.  What surfaced were three questions –

  • Is there such a thing as Masculine Ker-Ching?
  • If yes, what it’s currency?
  • Where is it deposited?

Observe any group of men and it is obvious that Masculine Ker–Ching exists, their interactions and reactions, are just like financial transactions – stuff is being withdraw and deposited.   Staying with the comparison of financial transactions, what is the currency being deposited and withdraw when we men get together?

I believe the currency is Respect. This is the coinage we men deal in and it comes in various denominations!

  • Humour        (inc Sarcasm)
  • Projects        (work/home)
  • Successes    (tasks taken on)
  • Knowledge  (sport, DIY, products)

All of the above are observable when males gather and what we are looking for but would never consider asking for; is respect.  Going to stick my neck out here – respect is on par with sex when it comes to the masculine heart and soul.  Men I believe, desire both of these in equal measure!

Why Respect?

Respect is a close cousin of honour and honour is about your gifts and abilities being recognised, appreciated and celebrated. Recognition, Appreciation & Celebration, is the currency denominations of masculine ker-ching.

The masculine heart and soul that is not receiving the above is dying not thriving inside and will then go to one of two places: Striving or Sulking!  Both are hard to be around and live with.

P.S there will be a growing amount of anger too, usually just under the surface.    

The bloke with the cigar box had some rare coins that potentially were valuable, hence his visit to the dealers shop. Some of the most valuable ker-ching we men can receive are like these rare coins – not often seen!

  • When was the last time your gifts, abilities & actions, as a man, were recognised & appreciated?
  • When did you last release this coinage to the men in and around your world?

When I first glanced in the ‘cigar man’s box’ something immediately stuck out because it was a completely different in colour and size to the rest.  My eyes and hands were drawn to this particular coin!  Recognising, appreciating & celebrating another man, is just like that coin: it will stand out and draw people.

Fathers, sons, brothers, grandfathers, co-workers, bosses, all need Masculine Ker-Ching!

Will we invest in these men?

Genuinely and intentionally release some rare coins?

From experience, this challenge might seem and feel a little weird and it is, because like a rare coin, it’s not an everyday thing.  The words that pass between us men are like everyday coins, so when recognition, appreciation and celebration coins show up, they stand out!

One of the first times I ‘Ker-chinged’ another bloke, I was nervous and his knee started to rise but afterwards he was genuinely grateful.

The masculine heart and soul like a bank account needs regular deposits, if it’s going to avoid being overdrawn. We can become ‘Real Investment Bankers,’ investing in the generations of men in and around our world!

Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. Prov 16:24

So let us be intentional and invest.  Ker-Ching!