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It is a wonderful thing to be led back to the double take in the margins which was written in your own hand.

It’s one of the great joys of the Holy Spirit to double take us, get our attention and lead us into truth.

I know that when He is engaging me in this process I will experience more freedom and liberty in my soul, mind, emotions and then down stream into my life and contexts! I am learning to honour these moments with my full attention.

Pay attention is all the way through both the book of proverbs and my school days!

What did I write in the margin? Wow and appropriate.

These were in response to an amazingly succinct sentence written by Alec Motyer in his commentary on Philippians –

“As we become in experience what we already are by grace!”

As we become in experience is the language of appropriation and this is a lost spiritual discipline. This discipline empowers and enables us to become in our day to day what we are already, the day we reunited with His grace.

” yet to all who received Him, to those who believed in His name He gave the right to become children of God.” Jn 1:12 NIV

He gave the right are vital words to grasp in relation to the dynamic of appropriation.

The use of appropriate in our culture is predominately about taking what you have no permission or authority to take.

It’s not yours so you cannot take, use or appropriate it!

The Father gave permission and authority to ALL who received and believed His Son and His work, to make their own, ALL He has given us in Christ.

Who we are. What we been given. What we can do.

Identifying with His work is the beginning but not the end of our journey back to Father.

Making real to our experience and contexts, all He has done, given and commanded is!

And the shorthand for that is appropriation

We cannot be more connected, loved, empowered, resourced, protected and thought of because we are in Christ and seated at the right hand of Father.

We have the best seat in the house. This is hospitality beyond five star.

These and many more truths are a part of being in Christ and yet for many the reality of their day to day is anything but!

Every time I eat the appropriate nutrition, take in the appropriate hydration and lift the appropriate weights I appropriate to my body, life and world what is there but needs to become visible!

The Holy Spirit’s primary role after conferring on us the spirit of sonship (adoption) is to testify or witness to our spirits that we are children, heirs and co-heirs!

He double takes us, show us the truth that’s already been given and reveals to us the principles we need to work to make His finished work a reality in our day to day.

I call this my ‘road work!’  My punch the clock workouts!

The only work that made me worthy and deserving of His grace has been done. My ‘road work’ empowers me to become in experience what I already am by grace.

To make visible what is invisible at the moment!
To bring from His dimension into my dimension.

To use theological language justification is all gift. Sanctification is graft!

Regards Andy


The Marvellous Ed’s!

dad words
This post is really a visual reminded of some of the benefits of being in Christ.
The thought and dynamics  behind TMED’S are threefold –
  1. past tense,
  2. accomplished,
  3. present reality.
Something has happened, been completed, has been finished!
There are five words and two phrases that will enrich, empower & elevate the masculine heart and soul, if they’re literally taken into our hearts and souls!
It is finished.   In Christ.
The first statement was uttered from the lips of Jesus, whilst on the cross and was an often used phrase written across a due debt or bill: from the bottom left to the top right of the bill, would be written  It is finished.  It  meant paid in full and all that was owed had been fully met.   This phrase has no equivalent in the English language that conveys how finished IT was!  So, as the late Derek Prince said,  we’d have to say Perfectly Perfect. Completely Complete!
The second statement reveals;  Where we are, Whose we are & What we’ve been given –
“And you were also included in Christ when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation..Eph 1:13
In Christ is like a Russian Doll – there’s more to it than meets the eye!
Is it time to open up to all He has given us?
The two core dynamics Father expects of those who seriously look towards the work of His Son on the cross are; that we would Identify with His finished work, and Appropriate His finished work into our lives.
Many Identify but how many men are Appropriating ALL that’s been given?
This list is  not exhaustive but all are meant to be in the masculine glossary!