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In my last blog, I described, based on the word schemes from 2 Cor 2:11 the devil as a determined and focused traveller –

Who is heading in one direction, towards a specific destination with three things on his mind: rob, steal and destroy.

That destination is our mind and I am likening it to a military HQ.  If the HQ goes then the army is defeated and the territory that’s at stake, in this case our whole life, is handed over to the victor.  This in essence, is what the battle for Eden which was Project Cultivation, was all about.  Satan was after the delegated territory and all the authority, rule and splendour that came with it and this is what he offered Jesus in the wilderness!

Satan gain access to all of it by infiltrating Adam and Eve’s HQ, their minds and he used two major weapons which he still uses today to gain access to their & our minds, HQ – deception and lies!

The soul has a three-fold make up – mind, will and emotions. What I refer to as the thinker, chooser & feeler!   It is helpful to place the will, aka the chooser in the centre of the three because it reveals to me that Satan will try to influence my thoughts and feelings, so as to get me to choose, i.e. act.    It is through my actions that I can and will give place to the enemy and yield the authority and power I already possess. Cf Jn 14:30 & Eph 4:27.

This is his ultimate aim, to take the authority and power we have invested in us and use it against us!

In Eden, Satan presented an image and a thought which created a mood in Eve which she then acted upon and Adam joined in and the rest as they say is history.   Satan’s methods have not changed and so he presents to our imagination and our thinker, images which are really outcomes – “you’ll be like God!”   As soon as we focus on the images and thoughts, corresponding feelings are formed and attached, and as Ecclesiastes 4:12 says; a three-corded strand is not easily broken.

The accumulative effect of image, thoughts and feelings; are a difficult trio to break, so it is vital to not be ignorant of his methods, and demolish images and take captive thoughts.  I am also learning that any feeling or mood has its roots in someone’s thinking and will have attached images and is designed for me to act out or move toward the outcome(s) being presented.

God or Satan cannot just walk through the door of our HQ, they both have to use the same system and they both know that the HQ is strategic to their outcomes – “I have come that you may have life, in abundance until it over flows.  The thief comes to rob steal and destroy!” Jn 10:9&10

The Father decided from the outset to fill the earth with His Eden project and central to all this filling of the earth were Adam and Eve.  They and us were not created as passive but proactive partners, through whom God intended to fill the earth.  In Genesis 6:13 this filling the earth through men and women dynamic is clearly spell out –

“for the earth is filled with violence because of them!”

All the resources of Eden, all the authority and the power to exercise these resources were delegated to Adam and Eve, to God’s co-workers.  What was delegated was then abdicated by the surrender of the HQ’s by Adam and Eve.

The great news, of the good news, is this – that in Christ, we are back in the place of authority and power. In fact, we have more authority and power than Adam and Eve.  See Phil 2:10.  


Father’s creation mandate, to fill the earth with Eden is still valid and through Christ we have been given free access to the resources of the king of kings and His kingdom. These resources can and will become our realities, as we exercise faith and confront the works of the Devil, as Jesus did. Cf Jn 14:12 & 1 Jn 3:8

Satan is a determined traveller but in Christ he is a stripped, disarmed and defeated one. Col 2:15 And through the abundant provision of grace and the gift of righteousness, we have the right and the might, to rule and reign in life! See Roms 5:17.

That right to reign includes exercising authority over our imagination, thinking and emotions.  All of our HQ!

There’s a war on and in Christ we are super conquerors and nothing and  no one can separate us from His love or snatch us from His hands.  Deception and lies are the only weapons Satan as in his arsenal.  So, let’s not be ignorant of his schemes?  Let’s proactively guard our HQ because the stakes are high.  Very high indeed!






Masculinity P3

The thought underpinning these blogs about the masculine heart and soul is this –

God did not create humans.

This is a label attached by man to categorise and generalise.   God intentionally created and uniquely designed a masculine and feminine heart and soul.

One of the biggest problems and frustrations in men and women, regarding masculinity, is how we both perceive what is a man.    After years of banging my head against the wall, I have changed my starting point, my perception of masculinity.  This little adjustment has made a massive impact.

I have simply started with how men are by design and not how they should be according to the previous generations, popular culture or the expectations of mums, wives & girlfriends.

It’s not that I am closed to all these voices, rather I want to begin in the beginning and that’s Genesis and use what the father reveals there as a diagnostic tool which I will use to keep the good and ditch the crap!

In my last post, I talked about not sawing against the grain, of not working against oneself, of not getting the most out of your efforts which leads to compromise in productivity.   To not begin at the beginning, may well lead to me sawing against my father given grain.

Sometimes the quickest way to illumination is to use the tool called outline.  So, here’s my outline of the ‘grain of masculinity,’ that father created in the beginning.

  1. Adam, created from the dust of the wilderness, not the soil of Eden. Gen 2:7
  2. Father breathed into Adam, then he became a living being; lit: a speaking spirit!
  3. He then blessed, empowered & equipped his man. Gen 1:28
  4. He mandates his man – BE – fruitful, increase, fill, subdue, rule 1:28
  5. He decisively puts Adam in what He’d already planted – Eden.
  6. Commanded him to work & keep it!

The MH&S was empowered and equipped with authority and power, given a clear place to exercise these gifts, the earth and then the core priorities, that will call out to all he has been pre-loaded with –

  • Barrenness will ask for fruit.
  • What’s empty will need to be filed.
  • Multiplication will be a default setting.

So to achieve and increase is a design requirement, not selfish ambition.

He will be called on to fight and use his God-given fierceness to subdue anything that will come against the beauty God has put him in and commanded him to work and keep. Before all these commands, The Father, blessed or empower the MH&S & the FH&S with everything they’ll need for all He’s asked them to do.

The first MH&S was empowered and then mandated which is so important to grasped.  Another way to put it would be to say, that who he [Adam] be had already been given everything he need to do all he’d been designed and purposed to do! He had the capacity to obey and fulfil the command!

Unlike some earthly fathers, our heavenly Father always includes the batteries [power] to go with the gifts He gives us.

Fast forward and the father of the heavenly lights, who does not change, who gives every good and perfect gift (see James 1!7) provides us with  these verses.  These  remind us that we are thoroughly equipped as men to empower the love ones within our ‘Eden!’

  • Blessed with every spiritual blessing Eph 1:3
  • Abundant grace at all times & in all places 2 Cor 9:8
  • Grace [love AND power] that’s all sufficient, esp when we lack ability 2 Cor 12:9
  • God-given & resurrection strength, might and power.  Eph 6:1
  • Exceeding power that will go beyond all we can imagine or ask! Eph 3:20
  • Power to desire to do & accomplish glorious will.  Phil 2:13 Weymouth translation
  • Can do strength and power Phil 4:13
  • Father’s faithful, can-do power.  1 Thess 5:24
  • The Covenant promise to equip us with good, so we can do his will. Hebs 13:21

These verses are spiritual nutrition, an all you can eat buffet for the MH&S and the FH&S and when we ingest and digest them, we’ll come up strong in love and faith, ready to empower all our loved ones within the Eden He has put us in.

As sons, brothers, husbands, fathers, granddads, great granddads, uncles, team players and work colleagues, we ARE fully loaded by our father, to empower those around us.

Em, is like en and dynamically refers to putting on or in.  So, encourage, enthusiasm, enable, empathise, empower.   We can and must, put on and put into our love ones, what the Father has given us and what our loved ones need from their fathers, husbands etc…

The primary way this is achieved is by engaging with them and speaking life enhancing and confidence empowering words, about who they are, what they have been given and can do.

Please make sure these words are true and so avoid building a princess and prince syndrome in our children.

Engage with their lives, help them navigate what’s in their hearts and empower them to release ‘it’ with words of truth and love.

It will take guts and courage but remember, if I help create a vacuum, it will be filled and the father of lies, is more than willing to fill that vacuum with his words!









Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ.. Romans 13:14a
My mum never made a big announcement but one day I went into my bedroom and my clothes were all laid out for me!  It was time to clothe myself.  This was entry-level one of the many levels I would have to enter and negotiate, regarding responsibility. The issue and dynamics of responsibility are intrinsic to a healthy and  biblical masculinity!
So what is responsibility? Ans: The Ability to Respond. Every man is Response-Able.
The  Father gave all His sons the ability to respond and a sure sign that our masculinity is growing and healthy is a decrease in being reactionary and an increase in our responsiveness.  By this, I do not mean becoming more sensitive or emotional but becoming more decisional than reactive.   It’s about being present to our context and  aware we have a choice and then proactively bringing our strengths and abilities to empower, protect, defend or serve our contexts and loved ones.
In our verse today, there’s a clear expectation of our Father, that we will clothe ourselves with Christ, that we’d begin the process of dressing like him.
THIS IS NOT AN INVITATION TO SANDALS & SOCKS! (do not try this at home!)
Father’s invitation is to live a dynamic, sacrificial, servant – hearted, risk taking, purposed driven, God-centred, adventurous life. This is  just some of stuff that characterised Jesus’ life, and in biblical times, clothes could denote the character of a person.
Clothe yourself with Christ is the challenge to look like Him by how we live!  
Jesus was Response-able but that does not mean that He was a soft sensitive nice guy or for that matter a knuckle dragging empty head!  Jesus was “Tough and Tender” 1 and moved effortlessly between them both, and whenever He did He was being inspired and guided by His Father. (See John 5:19&20).
The seven woes of Matthew 25 shows me a Jesus locking, loading and re-loading against the Religiously minded.  He didn’t pull any punches here. When a male was disgusted with who was touching Jesus, ‘see what kind of woman,’ Jesus  was so tender, compassionate and masculine towards her, and he gave the religious man some challenging words.  See Luke 7:36-50
“You know of Jesus of Nazareth, how God anointed Him with the Holy Spirit and with power, and how He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him. Acts 10:38 NASU
He went about healing and doing good.
Everything that Jesus did in the gospels other than His healings all come under the heading of Him ‘doing good!’
Take the time to read through the gospels and make this list, and you will have the characteristics of a – ‘good man.’
In this list you’ll have the potential glossary of a Christ-centred masculinity!
1.  Paul Coughlin No More Christian Nice Guy


“There is always a blessing to be had from the word therefore in the Bible. It makes us stop and look back to the preceding cause before we move on to the ensuing effect!”  Moyter on Philippians
Many years ago, a lady named Joan, who’d known God many years said something in conversation about the word therefore.  She said, “every time you come across this word in the Bible ask this question: What’s it there for?”
Therefore, is there to enable and empower us with understanding about what is available by covenant, to all His sons and daughters.  A core dynamic of covenant is agreement between parties.  It’s about T&C’s.
How many times have you had to go back before you can proceed and tick the box that says ” I have read the terms and conditions?”
Therefore is dynamically like this box.  However, we need to take the time and make the effort to read ‘our part of the T&C’s’ that the Holy Spirit is highlighting.  Stop, think and then commit to our part(s).  Then we can take the promise to the bank, expecting the withdrawal, on the transaction we have just made, knowing that our covenant Father is well in debit and we have understood and are meeting the T&C’s.
I love it when I understand the T&C’s, start them and the withdrawal is immediately and literally deposited into my account!
Through my understanding of Jesus’s  words in Mark 11:24  I by faith, believe and receive what I have asked for in prayer. My imagination is where I lock and load on to His promise!  Sometimes, like being in the bank, you have to wait in a queue, whilst you hold your paper work, before you can ‘literally’ handle the transaction you know is yours.
I find that Hebrews 6:12 is of vital importance to this whole process –
“we do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate  those who through faith and patience [endurance] inherit what has been promised.” NIV
Between, I believe and I receive, and there it is, there is always a gap!  Even a nano second is a gap!
Part of the default settings, designed into the masculine heart and soul is to subdue anything that would come against the ‘beauty’ God has released into His world.  Part of the Genesis job description He gave to Adam and Eve. See Gen 1:28    In this verse God blessed (empowered) them before He commanded them –
He gave them capacity that matched the command!
Whatever you are facing today,  there is within the 8000+ promises in His word  –
a ‘sufficiency to meet any deficit,’ we are experiencing.
Therefore,  let’s go to Father’s word, discover the promise(s) that pertain and relate to our contexts, characters and issues, with the mindset that we are heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ.  Discover our part, believe and receive His promise and conceive it within our imagination. Then begin and continue to do all that corresponds to our faith in His desire to meet our need, and
through faith and endurance will shall inherit what has been promised!


Everywhere, everyone is experiencing context and the dynamics within context are affecting our minds and hearts. At some point we will reach an internal enough regarding an external context. This pod cast shares some thoughts about enough and context. Enjoy

Growing P2 – Agri-gression!


  • Is the season here?
  • Is now the time?

The calendar provides us with both the time and the season we are in but it cannot inform us of what season and time we are in as ‘intentional growers!’

Eccl 3:1 tell us – There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:

I wonder if it is the season and the time; for a Shammah spirit to rise up within us?

There are not many verses given to this character Father used; nevertheless, there are two verses that reveal  his character and spirit, which in turn, may help us, who have decided to become intentional growers.

Next to him was Shammah son of Agee the Hararite. When the Philistines banded together at a place where there was a field full of lentils, Israel’s troops fled from them. 12 But Shammah took his stand in the middle of the field. He defended it and struck the Philistines down, and the Lord brought about a great victory. 2 Sam 23:11-12

Although not directly mentioned; season and time are within these verses.

  • Harvest season – field full of lentils
  • Raiding season – Philistines banded together
  • Fleeing season – Israel ran away

This narrative as the feel of the magnificent seven about it, I’m humming the tune in my head as I write.  I don’t know if Shammah looked liked Yul Brynner but these two characters had the same spirit –

It’s the time and the season to make a stand.

  • What have we been putting up with?
  • What do we keep fleeing from?
  • Who keeps raiding what’s being cultivated?

These questions, if honestly answered, will reveal the season we are in and what it is time for!

I entitled this blog ‘Agri-gression’ because agriculture is about growing stuff and sometimes when we are growing stuff, there are times we need to be aggressive against those who seek to steal the potential within the field!

We are His field.  1 Cor 3:9

These two verses in second Samuel twenty three, give us a glimpse of Satan’s strategy: the thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. Jn 10:10

  • The crop within the field was for the benefit of others
  • The potential within us is also for the benefit of others

It does not belong to the thief but he will keep taking it, season upon season, time after time, until someone takes a stand and gets aggressive about the loss of potential!

Seasonal and generational Groundhog Day will continue until the ‘Shammah’s show up!

The Father wanted to break this seasonal and potentially generational habit within His people, all He needed was someone who was fed up with the status quo and had the courage to make a stand.  These were on Shammah’s CV, he offered them and Father did the rest: and the Lord brought about a great victory.

There is a time for ‘Agri-gression, a time to go on the offensive regarding the potential we have been given by our Father but if we still need to be persuaded;  then think about these amazing words from Dr Miles Munroe * –

The destruction of a seed is in essence the termination of a forest!

  • Satan fears the potential Father has given us
  • He knows the results that come from a life that yields itself to Father’s power

All stories have a villain who continues in his ways, until someone puts him in his place and therein changes the plot and storyline.  Shammah had come to the place of saying enough is enough and he made a stand.

Are we there?

My Father speaks to me through many things and recently it was through a familiar track from the 1979 Mod revival.  I took part in this revival even buying a demob suit (green) from Flittermans for a few quid. (At the time thought I looked cool!!)

The track was ‘Time for Action, the band Secret Affair, it became an anthem.

  • It was great song
  • It contained a great thought
  • I knew what Father was saying – It’s time for action!

Is it time for us to act against anything that is trying to take what we are growing and cultivating?

Our potential IS a battleground as well as a producing field

Is it time for aggression, forceful action but not against people, for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. Eph 6:12 but against mindsets, attitudes, strongholds, generational passivity etc…

Passivity is an  ineffective pest control. See Proverbs 24:30-34

The expression on Lego Shammah’s face says it all –

  • The season is here!
  • It’s now time for action!

*Page five Maximising Your Potential