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Everywhere, everyone is experiencing context and the dynamics within context are affecting our minds and hearts. At some point we will reach an internal enough regarding an external context. This pod cast shares some thoughts about enough and context. Enjoy



Invitations trigger emotions and require a decision. The Father loves to give invites but they usually come at what we might think are strange times.  This pod will shed some light on this Inviting Father!


All living things grow and change and so our Father has expectations that we as men will do the same. If we have a pulse, then it’s not over! Growth and change are still expect. Before we attempt to grow or change it is vital we check our paradigm, which acts like an internal map. This pod will shed some light on this subject. Enjoy

Dad Trip!

Men love road trips and sons, by and large, like to spend time with their fathers. The Father portrayed in the Bible loves spending time with His sons and enjoys taking them on road trips. This pod explores ‘Dad Trips!’


Borders are a vital dynamic to grasp because the Father who designed and created the masculine heart and soul, will consistently bring us men, His sons, to many border times and crossing over opportunities.