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One of the greatest deceptions the masculine soul has to deal with is – self-reliance and one of its greatest fears is indebtedness.  However, by design, God the Father has placed within the masculine heart and soul, the need to live in and from, what I call ‘blessed Indebtedness!’

The law of the first mention, reveals to us the core dynamic of the word blessed –

“God blessed them and said…Gen 1:28.

In the beginning, God gave His man and woman the ability to function in and achieve the commands He would give. The Father gives His sons and daughters the Capacity to fulfil His Command and the Power to function in His Purpose(s)! Cf Gen 1:28 & Phil 2:13.

Most people when they think about indebtedness automatically think of owing money, i.e. being in debt which means we owe something to someone and they expect us to pay up!  However, exploring the dynamics of indebtedness and coupling them to the dynamics of Blessed is potentially a life-changing revelation!

 There are three words and three dynamics that lay at the core of indebtedness – acknowledgement; mutuality and gratitude.  These three words and dynamics take on more meaning when we bring them alongside the three levels of life the Father has designed for all those He has created – Dependence, Independence & Inter-dependence.

Dependence was everyone’s entry-level,  we then we move into Independence which feels so freeing that we can think we have arrived as a person.  However, the highest level of life, set by The Father and the one that brings most joy and fulfilment, is Inter-dependence.

We begin in reliance, move to self-reliance but the question is, have we moved to inter-reliance?

Inter means between or among and so inter-reliance speaks of reliance being rooted not in self alone but in relation to another.

In the beginning, Adam was described as being alone (Gen 2:18) but not defined as being lonely!  After all, he had the community of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit!

Adam was not designed to do life on his own and this might shock but also, not just with God alone!

He needed a suitable and comparable helper in the earth.  He needed Eve.  Eve did not finish or complete Adam because he was perfect.  Eve empowered Adam to live and function, on the Father’s highest level – Inter-dependence, and vice versa!

Inter-dependence is the Father’s strategy for His Kingdom to come through His people, into the earth and then fill the earth with the realities of His Kingdom.  The Father entrusts the responsibility and authority of His Kingdom to an inter-dependent team.  He then brings them into a unity of heart, mind and purpose and through these qualities  He releases the power to achieve the impossible.  Gen 1:26-28 & Gen 11:6

All three of the words of indebtedness – acknowledgement, mutuality and gratitude, are within Adam’s words of response to The Father’s giving of Eve into his world –

The man said, “this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh, she shall be called ‘woman’ for she was taken out of man.”

Satan attacked The Father’s team, Adam and Eve seeking to divide and conquer them so that he could use their authority and power against them and then fill the earth with his agenda. John 10:9

When the Last Adam came which was Jesus, Satan attacked The Father’s new team – the twelve.   The greatest demand and source of frustration in Jesus’s earthly ministry were the twelve; who were slow to learn, eager for the best seats and struggled to do life – inter-dependently!

Jesus deliberately chose a Jewish Zealot and a Tax collector to be on His team.

These two polar opposites eventually came to the revelation that they needed each other and the other ten!  So, an inter-dependent team was in place, united in heart, mind and purpose, all they needed now was the power.  At Pentecost, they received that needed power!

The Father of the Kingdom has hidden two further revelations within the revelation that is inter-dependence –

  1. The Impossible.  See Gen 11: 3-7 esp v 6
  2. The Saturation Anointing.  The eg’s of Aaron & Mount Zion are the results of v 1

I desire to see and experience the saturation anointing, that leads to the impossible becoming possible and tangible in my life.  Therefore, I have to renounce forever self-reliance, independence and isolationism and ask The Father to lead me to my polar opposites.  I know it will take a work of grace within me and within them but there are no shortcuts to the saturation anointing and to seeing the impossible entering and changing the earth!


Every blessing,




Masculinity P2


The premise for these blogs on masculinity is that God did not create humans.  That’s a throw away categorisation and generalisation attached by man.  Father intentionally and purposely created a masculine and feminine heart and soul and both are unique and complementary, and together they reflect all His fullness.

There is a saying – don’t saw against the grain which speaks of not working against oneself, of not getting the most out of your efforts which leads to compromise in productivity.  If I am to avoid theses I need to cut with the God-given grain of my MH&S and that has four ‘grains’ to it – Navigate, Engage, Empower, Sacrifice.

These are the structure, functions and purposes of the MH&S and for maximum productivity I need to honour His grains and work with them and Him.

Navigate speaks of planning and directing a journey, by the use of maps and instruments at our disposal and the journey us men are on is called life!  There are records i.e. maps that others who gone before us have left, these charts are pointers and give us a broad understanding of the terrain of life.  Then there are the tools, those established principles that Father has put in place that we need to get hold of and learn how to handle and apply them to our contexts.

We have this life, our time and space years, to master the maps and the principles and help our love ones to make progress on the journey of life until we reach the horizon and enter eternity.  Simply put, us men are here for others and if we accept this command and challenge of our ‘first father,’ we can move from happiness to fulfilment which is the highest level our father has created and purposed us for.

We can be happy but not fulfilled but we cannot reach fulfilment and not be happy.

It is not co-incidental that happiness and happenings both share the same root word and popular culture is addicted to happenings for their happiness.  On the surface, I buy into this dynamic but has a long-term strategy for life it’s a deception because all events/happenings can offer is an invitation which many do not heed and so they need another ‘fix’ and on the addiction goes.

In the beginning the father offered the MH&S an invitation which followed the event of creation and this invitation can be summed up in one word: engage!

God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.” Gen 1:28

Dynamically the father was commanding the newly formed MH&S to participate in a process He’d begun: to fill the earth with what He had planted – Eden.

“A delightful, pleasurable and beautiful place.  Eden also means voluptuously which speaks of fullness and is characterised by pleasure and enjoyment, of all the senses.”

The MH&S was created to exercise power and designed to manage it, and given a clear mandate.  I like to paraphrase it this way – “given the right and the might to join Father in  His global strategy!”

All the commands father gave the MH&S – be fruitful, increase, fill, subdue and rule all have a core dynamic – process.

If I engage with His process there will be many events and happenings which includes conflict and battles, inferred by the use of the word subdue.  This is a heads up by father that opposition to his process of filling the earth will come and we are to opposes this and win!  These times of opposition will call for me to be aggressive even fierce, to use a whip and turn over the status quo tables!  See John 2:15

There does not seem to be any indication to how long it was before the first man, Adam encountered the opposition, i.e. Satan.  However, we do have the clear record of how Adam handled it, the root cause of his failure and the global consequences of his failure to engage!

Adam’s passivity, his failure to engage the enemy with the tools he had been given happened locally, in Eden but the consequences were global. Cf Matt 4:8&9 & Rom 5: 17   Authority, rule, kingdoms and their splendour were handed over because father had assigned the earth to men and women.  See Ps 115:16

Where there had been intimacy, unity, life and peace there was now  fear and shame, separation and blame!

One of the forgotten titles of the man Christ Jesus is the last Adam and in Romans 5:12-20 the last Adam’s engagement and the first Adam’s passivity are compared, and the consequences are staggering!

If as men we have returned back to our Father through the finished work of his Son, then the Holy Spirit will be testifying that we are His sons and we have full rights which includes to reign in life [again] through the man Christ Jesus.  Roms 5:17   We do this by remembering our position; the gift of righteousness and using the provision called the abundant provision of grace; His unrivalled power.

All we lost and more, have been restored to us, His co-regents and now we can get back to implementing Father’s manifesto which He released in the beginning – be fruitful, increase, fill, subdue and rule.  If we do this and engage with our local contexts we will see the rule and resources of His kingdom become our realities!






Masculinity P1

Questions are an essential part of life but a subject that us men seem a little nervous around.  They are essential because they help us troubleshoot; a vital part of problem solving which is a core purpose of the masculine soul.

Questions are a sign of humility which predisposes God to give us His power. 1 Peter 5:5 they also reveal a desire to learn, grow, develop and transform and these are intrinsic parts of being a disciple of Jesus.

I have had many questions levelled at me through the years and I have had those ‘percolating questions’ that rise up within my masculine heart and soul.   These usually fall into two categories – What is a man?  Am I a man?

Right from the outset my masculine heart and soul received a steady stream of data regarding these two foundational and fundamental questions.  I have to say; the messages were mixed, confusing and conflicting.  Until I came to a place, a ah ah moment.

I was reflecting on Gen 1:28 and reading a book by John Eldridge and came to a thought of his –

 “God doesn’t make generic people, he makes something very distinct – a man and a woman.  In other words, there is a masculine heart and a feminine heart which in their own ways reflect and portray to the world God ‘s heart.” Pg 8 Wild at Heart John Eldredge

If I believe, which I do, that I am created by God, then He intentionally designed and defaulted my masculine soul.   At that moment, eight years ago, the desire to discover the design, function and purpose of the masculine heart and soul began.

What I have discover, learnt and am applying is the subject of the next four posts.

The structure, functions and purposes of the masculine heart and soul are fourfold – Navigate, Engage, Empower, Sacrifice.

The big four are like grid references on a map.  They are ordinance survey points that help orientate us.  They are the needles of a compass and sacrifice is the magnetic north our masculine heart and soul.

Navigate speaks of planning and directing a journey, by the use of maps and instruments at our disposal.  This paradigm of life as a journey which needs to be proactively charted, lies at the core of our MH&S, by design.  It is not co-incidental that the game Uncharted was a massive hit with men and yet the things called for through the levels, tests and challenges of the game, are paralleled in life.  Sadly, too many men have retreated to the online version and seem detached from the real-life version of Uncharted!

“Adam was created outside the garden, in the wilderness.  Man was born in the outback, from the untamed part of creation!”  Pg 34 Wild at Heart. John Eldredge

An essential part of navigating is trusting the encounters and experiences of those who have gone before and who have left clues to the terrain, obstacles and challenges of the journey.   These mature topographers, these generational ‘charters,’ are what the Bible calls spiritual fathers and should be in our world, and yet they are rare.

I have to be honest and say I don’t think I’ve been the best navigator or topographer to my marriage and family but like Paul I am bringing all my energies to bear on this one thing: forgetting what’s past I press on to the upward call of Christ. Phil 3:12

In July and November of 2016 I was given the privilege of becoming a granddad.  I feel the call of this new level of the ‘computer game of life!’  I have another chance as a navigator and topographer and I will rise to challenge to be there for the emerging and the established generations.

AS the lyricist said “No one said it was easy!’  and nothing worthwhile ever is!






Lessons from Ivy!


Just had a wonderful four days at Centreparcs at Sherwood Forest, a serious time of chilling and being with family.

It was my first holiday with my granddaughter Ivy and watching her and her interactions with mum and dad was a joy.

I was reminded of how it really should be in those early days and weeks of life, through Ivy’s eyes and facial expressions when her mum, my daughter Bethany was talking to and interacting with her.

Ivy’s eyes were full of wonder, awe, joy, happiness and sometimes they matched the frown on her face. All this stimulated by Bethany’s tone and gestures.

This was connection and intimacy 101!

I loved these observations and was fascinated by them.

What a privilege to see and be part of these moments.

I do not know what career Ivy will eventually have or take but at the moment she is teaching me a lot and reminding me of the heart of my Father and His desire to love and be intimate with His sons and daughters.

I am reminded of the tender and amazing words of the opening chapter of Hosea –

Hos 11:1

When Israel was only a child, I loved him. I called out, ‘My son! v1

That I lifted him, like a baby, to my cheek, that I bent down to feed him. v4the message

These observations and reminders carried on throughout the week and quite frankly made my holiday.

Many lessons were offered and my hope is that I will learn and internalise them!?

Ivy is only 12 weeks old but already I have observed her preferences and a tradition developing.

Ivy does not like to be held on your knee but desires, quite strongly via her vocal chords to be up and looking around. She communicates to you that she wants you to stand!

Once there her eyes are darting around and her shutter speed is amazing, as she captures info!



It was just brilliant and I find her sense of wonder absolutely beautiful and it wells me up.

Why do we seem to lose this?

It was a week of first for her, all of which she took in her stride.

Her first experience of the sub tropical swimming pool was beautiful. She wasn’t amazed or fazed. She, pardon the pun, just soaked it all up. Although at one time her face did seem to be registering why there were so many people in the bath with her!

The first time in the reclining Mamas and Papas part of the push chair and for the first time wearing her excellent ‘Ewok’ coat. She looked amazing and very cosy. This combo led to her having a four hour nap in the day which was another first. In the end mum had to wake her. Another first!

This week of observations, lessons and reminders have led me back to two core scriptures and desires of the Father –

This resurrection life you received from God is not a timid, grave-tending life. It’s adventurously expectant, greeting God with a childlike “What’s next, Papa?” 16 God’s Spirit touches our spirits and confirms who we really are. We know who he is, and we know who we are: Father and children. Rom 8:15-16 The message

And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. 1 Jn 4:16

Bethany and Liam’s spirits wanted Ivy to be reminded of the love they have and feel for her, and for her, through consistent reminders, to know it and rely upon it.

Just as any parent, including God the Father would!

Thanks Ivy for all you have given me this week.

One proud granddad.

Intimidation:the life & level limiter

One of Satan’s favourite weapons against the masculine soul is intimidation. The sole purpose of intimidation is found within itself – timid.

To overwhelm the masculine soul with a sense of timidity. Of perceiving and feeling the difference within you with regard to who or what you are facing. To stir up feelings of inferiority and inadequacy.

One man who the Father chose to raise, train and discipline was David and he had many opportunities to be intimidated but only once was he defeated by it.

Have you ever had the experience of standing in a crowd as two captains pick their teams. Your hope and prayer is that you’ll be pick first and you won’t be picked last. This was my first major time with the spirit of intimidation.

It’s important to remember that intimidation is a spirit. After all, we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. Intimidation will come through flesh and blood but its real  source is from beyond.

David had a moment when he realised that there’d been a ‘pick a king moment’ and he was not even considered for the short list. A list compiled by his own Father.

How’s that for major league intimidation! Not even your father thinks you have what it takes.

In fairness to Samuel, this was his first time at interviewing for a King. As Jesse brought all his sons, minus David, Samuel said “Surely the Lord’s anointed stands before me?” Father answers his question – Nope. Not him. Not Eliab!

What happened next I am sure put Samuel in a sweat. He watches as all of Jesse’s other sons are paraded and rejected by God. Whoops!

Samuel asks an obvious question – is this all your sons? Jesse’s reply is insightful. There is still the youngest!

The word for youngest is  haqqaton, describing not only age but rank.  David is the little brother.  The last one in the line but according to the mind of the Father, the first and only one on His list to fill the vacancy

I was never chosen first or last, when the captains where making up their minds but I do know what the intimidation of your dad not thinking you have what it takes, feels like.

It casts a long shadow!

From this moment David’s life begins to change and he faces many more intimidating times. When Satan knows that the Father has chosen another son to raise, train and discipline and take their predetermined place within His epic story.

He will try to intimidate the life and potential out of that son, all the way through the journey.

As stated, David had many but his most well-known one was facing the champion of Gath Goliath. Just before David enters the valley and they get into it, Satan attempts three times to intimidate Father’s chosen masculine soul of the moment.

Satan often tries to use those closest to you and he sifts David’s oldest brother Eilab –

“When Eliab, David’s oldest brother, heard him speaking with the men, he burned with anger at him and asked, “Why have you come down here? And with whom did you leave those few sheep in the wilderness? I know how conceited you are and how wicked your heart is; you came down only to watch the battle.”” 1 Samuel 17:28 NIV

Two questions and two statements designed to intimidate David.

I love David’s response: “Now what have I done!” And he turned his back on his brother!    David turned his back on both his brother’s opinion.

Coincidentally, what had Eliab been doing for 40 days but watching Goliath and doing nothing! Huh!
Attempt No 2. Saul wants David to look like him from a distance!

Years ago when playing football there were a few lads who had all the gear, even the latest Georgie Best boots with bright red linings. Some of these lads were really good footballs, others were empty shirts!

David was a warrior, he’d been waging war against the bear and the lion, protecting the sheep in his care!

He wasn’t a lookalike he was the real deal!

“David fastened on his sword over the tunic and tried walking around, because he was not used to them. “I cannot go in these,” he said to Saul, “because I am not used to them.” So he took them off.” 1 Samuel 17:39 NIV

This is not me and so he took them off!

Another great and prompt response to the spirit of intimidation.

Attempt No 3 Water!

“Then he took his staff in his hand, chose five smooth stones from the stream, put them in the pouch of his shepherd’s bag and, with his sling in his hand, approached the Philistine.”
1 Samuel 17:40 NIV

There was a moment, just a moment when David would have caught sight of himself in the reflection of the water of the stream.

He could have paused and thought about who he was and what he was facing. He didn’t. He broke any false reflection of himself, any fear based fiery dart thought by thrusting his hands through and onto his stock choice of weapon – a stone!
It was a moment the enemy could have used to put him in pause.

To get him look at who he was, where he’d come from and what people thought of him.

David’s hand breaks through the water and demolish any attempt at passing on an old reflection.

David was not a captive to his past and its opinions by endless reflection.David was compelled by who his Father was and where he was taking him.

David’s focus was not on who was waiting for him in the valley:Goliath.But who was waiting upon him in the valley His God!

David’s hand broke up the reflection and released the pebble and he knew his God would do the rest.
David knew this public gigantic moment was very similar in kind to his private moments of killing bears and lions.

We need to have private victories that precede and prepare us for public ones!

Intimidation has to be dealt with otherwise our masculine soul stays on the side watching the action and forfeiting the benefits of victory. See 1 Sam 17:25.

Flapping Heck!

“Like an eagle that stirs up its nest, that hovers over its young, so the LORD spread out his wings and took him, he lifted him up on his pinions.”     Deuteronomy 32:11 NET


What do you do when the one who has been caring for you, suddenly starts to destroy what you’ve been comfortable in?

Their action produces a force that destroys the comfortable and clears the ledge, which has been home?

The above are the results of the mother eagle ‘encouraging’ her young to leave the nest and ledge and  release their potential.

The nest and the ledge have been necessary and important for a season but now it’s time to soar.

This deliberate activity of the eagle is used as an illustration of the Father’s love to His own.  Indeed, the sentence structure of the verse indicates ‘habitual or typically behaviour.’

In my local parlance – “Its how He is!”

Typically, Father will at sometime, mess with the nest and clear the ledge, to release the potential that’s dormant!

Desiring to be comfortable is at the core of being human and yet so too is being disturbed and stirred into action!  Comfortable is much easier and like anything will become a habit if another option is not chosen.

The only constant for the disciple of The Father, is change!

We are all being change from one degree of glory to the next! 2 Cor 3:18

Are things in our world being stirred?

Are will feeling the ‘draft and down force’ of the Father?

Is the comfortable falling apart?

Are we on the ledge and there’s nowhere to hide?

Father is probably at work and it’s time to take the leap and leave the ledge!

The promise for ‘ledge leapers’ is that He will spread His wings, catch and carry us to the next part of our progress and maturity.

Maybe it’s time to stop flapping about His flapping and take up His offer of a lift!

Crossing the line!

It was the second week in theological college and my first proper lecture when, right in the middle of the presentation, I had a tangible experience of intimidation, which came as a series of thoughts.  “I do not understand what the lecturer is saying.” Well say so and ask him to explain it again.”  “No way, everyone in the room will look at me like I’m stupid and be annoyed that I’ve stopped the lecture.”  For what seemed like a life time I battled the contrary thoughts and emotions within me and then my hand just seem to go up in the air.  Clive, the lecture said yes Andy.  I made a joke about speaking in an unknown tongue and his Methodism, and he laughed and covered the material in a way that was more accessible.
When I entered the student coffee-room I expected some funny looks or some sarcastic comments.  Instead, two fellow students, one older and one younger,  came up and thanked me for sticking my hand up because they were also experiencing confused dot-com!  This learning and intimidation experience was not my first, that happened when I was twelve, and no I did not put up my hand! Now as a thirty year old man it was time to ‘leave childish ways behind,’ and so I put my hand up and removed the ‘line in the sand’ that intimidation had drawn.
Although not all our experiences of being intimidated will have a spiritual cause behind the affect; some will be rooted in the emotions around insecurity, which is the lack of inner self belief.  Nevertheless, we need to be aware that intimidation is a spirit and when this spirit is the cause behind the affect we are experiencing, we need to use the right weapons, and they’re grace and our authority as believers, to bind and loose!
Question: what was God giving to believers in 1 Pet 5:5-12?
The simple answer is grace, which raises another question.  Those being addressed are believers, haven’t they already received grace, to have been defined as believers?  So those who have been ‘graced,’ are being graced again by God!  What’s going on?
Grace has two equal sides to it: one is unmerited love, the other is unrivalled power.
The first puts us in a right state and condition before the  Father, without any reference to our merits or performances, anchored only in the work of Christ.  The second kicks in when we lack the ability, or are faced with spiritual adversaries, like intimidation.
Father, gives His sons ‘can do power,’ when they humbly admit, they’re in a ‘can’t do situation. See 2 Cor 12:9&10
The key to this ‘can do power’ of grace is humility –
“God opposes the proud but gives grace [unrivalled power] to the humble. 1 Pet 5:5.
The spirit of intimidation is after something, which it can only get, if it deceives us into a mindset, found embedded in the word intimidation – timid.
Intimidation seeks to convince us that we are not up to the task, that we are small in comparison too, and this should make us afraid to move forward and act.  What intimidation fears, is that we will realise this is a Father given moment, humbly our selves, receive can do power and take the ground the spirit is seeking to hold on to.
Like all bullies, intimidation draws a line in the sand and then declares what will happen if you cross it.  Like David we need to run towards the line, cross it, sling our stone and let Father do the rest.
It’s always about territory.
As in any war, the ultimate aim is to win hearts and minds, and Our Father and the father of lies, are working to this same objective.   I once read some words many years ago that have served me well –
“You cannot take ground off the enemy, if he’s got ground in you!”
The thought around the word timidity in 2 Timothy 1:7  is that of cowardice, of being in servitude or bondage to fear.
Like rabbits in the headlights, some are struck by fear and just sit there and take it, afraid of what might happen, what people might think and how they will react.
People approval, fear of failure, confrontation or rejection are classic reasons why people ‘stay in the lights, and the enemy exploits these ‘soul ties!’
The Father says that He has given every one of His born again sons the spirit of power, love and a sound mind.
A mind that can still think and reason, even under immense pressure.
The power that formed and placed stars, and raised Jesus from the dead, is with you, within you and for you!   This power can do exceedingly abundantly above all you can imagine or ask.  See Eph 3:19-20
This blog is current for me, I am taking on the spirit of intimidation, and I am not finding it easy at times.  Recently, the Holy Spirit showed me something from the account of David and Goliath, which came as a clear statement –
“Battle lines and shouting is not engagement, run into the valley!” 
 ” Early in the morning David left the flock in the care of a shepherd, loaded up and set out, as Jesse had directed. He reached the camp as the army was going out to its battle positions, shouting the war cry.
God’s solution, David; arrived as his brothers were entering day 40 of lining up and shouting!  As I hovered over this verse, Father spoke and said this is not engagement, run into the valley and I will sort him and it out!    
They were like boys in the playground, standing either side of an imaginary line, shouting and declaring what will happen if you crossed the line and Israel was hoping that no one would!
In fact there was such reluctance in the Israeli camp that king Saul had to offer a threefold incentive – great wealth, his daughter in marriage and the father and the family of the victory would live tax-free!
At some point we have to re-new our minds and admit we are just shouting and posing but not engaging.  Then we need to re-position ourselves and with confidence in the can do power of grace, do what David did – run towards the hairy man mountain!  
What I absolutely love (well most of the time, love) about my Father is that he will not test me beyond my ability to endure. See 1 Cor 10:13 and that He arranges prequels on the way to the main event, as He did with David.  
Your servant has killed both the lion and the bear; this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them, because he has defied the armies of the living God. 1 Sam 17:36
David had already experience, in private, the can do power of God and so he puts Goliath on the ‘already been sorted list.’ Now that’s confidence! 
Lions intimidate through their roar, bears by standing on their back feet.  Goliath was a combination of both and David had been there, done that, and got the tee-shirt! 
Why should we take on the spirit of intimidation?
1.  Love won’t allow us to live at this postcode.  Perfect loved drives out fear.  I Jn 4:18
2.  We forfeit our potential and deprive others of its benefits. Jn 17:19
3.  To leave a stronger generational legacy. Cf Judges 1:19 & 4:13 (don’t leave the kids iron chariots)
4.  The sense of deep satisfaction that will flood your masculine heart & soul.
Mark it down: When you are in a situation that creates fear, but you face it head on, you will feel a rush of satisfaction in knowing you displayed courage.1
Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities…because it is the quality which guarantees all the others.”  Winston Churchill
1 Ortberg pg 126 if you want to walk on water you’ve got to get out of the boat

Mind Worm!

monkMedieval monks devised poetic ways of talking about issues, and one of these was the ‘Mind Worm!’  This Mind Worm, was used to talk about psychology, issues of the mind.  So what is the Mind Worm?
A creature that had the power to burrow into the mind and come to know an individual thoroughly: their dreams, fears, strengths, weaknesses. It was supposed that this creature also had the power to create events in the world.  Therefore, this Mind Worm could create an event, that was unique to the nature of the individual, and this event would act like a trigger, to an adventure that would bring out the true character of the individual; demanding and stretching them on all levels of what it means to be human.
This Mind Worm concept I came across reading Robert McKee’s excellent book Story, and after his summary of the Mind Worm he made a statement –
The writer is a Mind Worm! Robert McKee 1
This thought immediately connected with a description of Jesus, who’s described as an author.  See Hebs 2:10; 12:2  The main dynamics of the word author in the texts are: one who takes a lead in, or provides the first occasion of, anything. Dynamically it’s speaks of being the source or originating cause
The writer, and Jesus as author, understand thoroughly  the mind and the heart of their characters and consequently the event, and events that their character needs to begin and finish their adventure.
In Kingdom of Heaven, Orlando Bloom plays a blacksmith, who is happily married until an unjust event, robs him of his wife. Bloom the blacksmith then makes a choice under  pressure and kills a man.  Then we see him sweat for a few scenes, until a knight played by Liam Neeson shows up.  He announces that he’s Bloom’s father and invites him to join him on a journey to Jerusalem.  Reluctantly, but feeling justice on his collar, Bloom joins his.  kohBloom
This scene, always reminds me of a core dynamic of the gospel or good news: the father inviting us into a journey, an adventure with Him, which He describes as entering and pursuing the kingdom of God!    An event that triggers a process that continually leads to other events, that leads to another process which etc…
An essential and vital  part of this process, written in by the Author,  is pressure.
…saying that through many tribulations [pressure] we must enter the kingdom of God.  ESV  
Two essential dynamics of ‘kingdom maturity,’ are coming under authority and exercising authority and pressure can position us to experience a greater level of ‘ruler ship!’    Pressure and character maturity go hand in hand.  
McKee’s definition of true character is excellent – 
True character can only be expressed through choice in dilemma.” 2
The reason I like McKee’s definition is that it is both true and clarifies the core issue when pressure comes – choice!   This is important because having an experience of pressure does not make you experienced or lead to maturity.  It’s the choice(s) we make, continue to make or defend, within the pressure, that matures us and then we become worthy of the label – experienced!
I do not believe that my Author is always the originating source or cause of the pressure I might experience, however, I do know that He always seek to use pressure for my  transformation and His purposes.  I am learning to develop what I call 50:20 vision, which takes time and effort and was one of the things Joseph matured in.
In Genesis 50:20 hindsight brings real vision:
  “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”
Joseph started out as a ‘cocky kid,’ yet in this verse he’s now a ‘mature prince’ with massive authority and power, facing the people, his own brothers, who started all the pressure! This character as experienced many dilemmas, has struggled, yet has made and defended right choices. Now, at this pivotal ‘arch in the story’ he understands that the Author’s intention all the way through the story, was to transform the one He had chosen, so he would be ready to fulfil the Author’s desire: to keep alive many people, who were to experience famine!
This Author, who is my Author, thoroughly prepares and strategically places His characters, so that they are ready to help those who are on the Author’s heart.  See also the beautiful story of Esther.
I see, believe and follow an Author that gets me, like no other, understand my strengths and weaknesses, and intends to use the first and transform the latter. See Hebs 10:34
He understands that all adventures start with an invitation and as He did many times in the gospels, Jesus stills invites us to follow Him.  Now, it’s my turn and my shift, in this meta narrative of the kingdom of heaven filling the earth and I can learn from those, the Author has thoroughly prepared and strategically placed before.
The event called invitation directly leads to a process called transformation, which needs the dynamic that is confrontation, and so the Author sets up events, to bring out our true character and our dormant potential.  See Philip in John 5:5-15.
In this narrative Jesus deliberately puts Philip in a dilemma and at the end of the test,  even the broken bread and smelly fish pieces are gathered up and used.
My Author, can and does take up the broken and smelly parts of my life, the wrong choices, moments of madness,  and uses them to wise me up and empower me to help others!
“The nearest anyone can come to finding himself at any given age is to find a story that somehow tells him about himself!” Norman Maclean. 3
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Have we found that story yet?
Jesus as Author is still looking to cast new characters into His Kingdom of heaven Epic!
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  3. quoted in The Way of the wild heart John Eldredge pg22


Invitations trigger emotions and require a decision. The Father loves to give invites but they usually come at what we might think are strange times.  This pod will shed some light on this Inviting Father!


Borders are a vital dynamic to grasp because the Father who designed and created the masculine heart and soul, will consistently bring us men, His sons, to many border times and crossing over opportunities.