From memory to imagination : Part 1


Michael Paling has been on and recorded many great journeys.
Stephen Tompkinson, is giving us amazing aerial views of great landscapes and places as he balloons across continents.

  • Great journeys are vital to the masculine soul, for it was created to explore!       
  • The glossary of the masculine soul includes words like: adventure, discovery, challenge, risk.  
  • Great journeys offer us all of these and more. 

Great journeys are not just geographical.  Life offers us the opportunity to discover, go beyond the norm and the status quo

  • Think about childhood to adolescence.  Remember that?
  • From adolescence to manhood.
  • From single to married

Great journeys, undertaken, mean the traveller will not be the same when they get back.  This in part, is why we long to go there as men. One of greatest ‘toxins’ for the masculine soul is boredom.

“Boredom is the plight of a modern man when he lacks distraction and has no absorbing passion or pastime.” Blaise Pascal

When Joshua had grown old, the  Lord  said to him, “You are now very old, and there are still very large areas of land to be taken over. (Joshua 13:1 NIV)

  • Joshua was very old but God is not talking retirement, slippers and shed.  
  • His agenda is still to go beyond, to move from the familiar to the unknown!  
  • Joshua’s travelling and journeying days were not over!

When we stop journeying we become settlers and we silence and sideline the urge to move out and into!

There is a great journey that I believe the Father desire we all take as men and that journey is from Memory to Imagination. Memory and imagination are powerful dynamics that have the ability to impact our masculine hearts and souls, leaving their mark and some impacts are meteoric!

  • Memory is all past, previous or present focused!
  • Imagination is possible and future focused!
  • Memory is limited, imagination unlimited!

One of the saddest dynamics I have experienced many times over in conversations with men, is they focus on what they have done, seen and experienced.  Very little about what they are looking forward to, imagining or planning for!

For some men, imagining is not the problem; it’s the power of memory that keeps them within the boundary line and accepting the status quo, instead of crossing over into new territory.
See Gideon Judges chapter 6 esp v13.

One thing I have realised about following the Father of the Bible is this:

  • He never leaves us where He finds us.
  • He always takes His sons from the ordinary to the extra-ordinary

Speaking as an achiever, Lord and mentor Jesus said to His twelve disciples and friends, this very truth –  But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”
(Acts 1:8 NIV)

The Holy Spirit will lead these men from Jerusalem to the very ends of the earth; this is not just about the spirit of mission but of adventure and risk.  The Holy Spirit would be compelling these men to keep journeying, He would be pioneering opportunities that would be life transforming, for them and others!

Being male and a follower of Jesus is not about slippers and settling but about journeying and transformation! Travelling and greatness are intrinsically connected.

Final thoughts –

  • A soul can exist in memory but it can only thrive through imagination! 
  • Have you taken this great journey yet as a man?
  • Are you still behind the line and in the memory?
  • Women burnt their bras do we need to burn our slippers?

The greatest journey lies ahead: from time into eternity and  what we have released in time will echo throughout eternity.


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